27. Bog Oak, Ceramic Foam
27C. Bog Oak, Ceramic Foam
27B. Bog Oak, Ceramic Foam
DISCOBOLUS Occasional Table
Bog Oak, Ceramic Foam Top
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English Bog Oak with Ceramic Foam Top

In collaboration with Professor Parashkev Nachev, the centre of the tabletop is made of zirconium oxide (zirconia) – a ceramic material with a unique combination of great density, strength, temperature stability, and chemical resistance. The material is cast as a natural foam with a random network of connected air voids, fusing the immutability of stone with the organicity of air.

The ceramic foam is the perfect counterpoint to the 5000 year-old bog oak that surrounds it: a material caught in transit in the opposite direction, from the biological to the fossilised inorganic.

40cm diameter 60.5cm high

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